As defined by federal regulations, Veterans are not allowed to be prescribed medical cannabis  through the Veteran’s Administration (VA). At GABRI, our focus is to work with organizations in the local community to educate Veterans about what medical cannabis means to them and how they can access medical cannabis in the state of Georgia.

Our partnership with Veterans For Cannabis (VFC) gives us direct access to Georgia’s most honored and respected population—Her Veterans. VFC has been the immovable object in the room with the GA medical cannabis commission and state and local governments. VFC lead the push for Veterans to gain access to Medical Cannabis here in GA. Through VFC we will give back to those who have sacrificed the most in our state. A portion of the proceeds from every single sale of our Veterans For Cannabis brand will go directly to Veterans who need access to medical cannabis and who can not afford it, because the VA does not support medical cannabis access. So Georgia’s Veterans have to pay out of pocket right now to see a physician outside of their normal VA network, just for that physician to look at their VA paperwork and certify they qualify under GA law as a medical cannabis patient. This is an absolute travesty and we at GABRI are committed to our Veteran community and will do everything we can to serve the men and women who protected and still protect our freedom’s every single day!


Our GABRI team is made up of Veterans and those who support Veterans. We don’t just say “We support Veterans”, we put our money and time where our mouth is. Our commitment to Veterans For Cannabis is built on the very foundation of who VFC is. When deciding who to partner with, we met with many other organizations throughout the state. There was only one who lead the conversation with “We are Educators first and foremost” said Joshua Littrell Founder and CEO of VFC. We vetted a number of organizations who have been advocating through the years, but kept coming back to the VFC team. Joshua’s commitment to educating the Veteran community on “What the VA can and can not do in regards to benefits”, was paramount in our decision to partner with VFC. The VFC team will head up patient education and training through their Health and Wellness program. Our GABRI team will work to provide the space and funding to educate the Veteran community through Veterans For Cannabis. Please check back often, as we will have many different webinars and training sessions available. Those sessions will touch on everything from just a simple “Buddy Check” to Q&A sessions about benefits, and as always product availability and how to properly choose the right product to fit your needs. Our schedule is below. Please sign up to be notified when trainings come available, and hopefully very soon in 2021 we can get back to having in person trainings! 

PRODUCTS Specific to the Veteran community

Through our research arm here at GABRI, we will conduct numerous studies over the next 5 years to determine efficacy of medical cannabis in treating our Nation’s Heroes. Those studies will be based on your needs (The Veteran), because some doctor sitting somewhere up in D.C. has no idea what you are going through here in GA and should not dictate what medicine you receive. Our team is committed to our Veterans, listening to you all for feedback and guidance on product development, then actually implementing your wants and needs. We have a top-notch staff of researchers that is excited about gathering meaningful data that will final be the tipping point that leads to the Veterans Administration changing their stance on medical cannabis and our Veteran community. We will work with VFC to ensure the lobbying efforts are done properly and to follow through and ensure the law does not hamper or hinder access for you all. If you are interested in becoming a part of Veterans For Cannabis, please click here.